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This site has been on the internet or in preparation for being published since the early 1990's when there were few other website's in existence about Apollo Missions to the Moon. Internet publishing technology in those early days was limited to mostly text and a few pictures due to slow data transmission rates and the time and space required for even a small picture to be included.

 "Dial Up" connections via the telephone having low uplink and downlink data transfer rates were so slow that publishers avoided a lot of detailed information (pictures, and razzle dazzle tools) since they required too much time for uplink, and especially for downlink. Otherwise, viewers would become bored and move on. Therefore, websites were kept simple, and webmasters searched the Internet for related material complementing their publication by including a “Links” page for identifying URL's. Today, high data transfer speeds, and sophisticated search engine capability, render the Links page somewhat obsolete, except for newly discovered sites highly recommended by the publisher.

 In short “Links pages" cannot compete with search engines of today in displaying lengthy information relevant to any subject or general interest. So, “we google it”, to use a familiar expression.

Clearly, there are now hundreds or perhaps thousands of informative sites related to Apollo Missions on the Internet. Therefore, it is neither practical nor possible to Link them all.

Our Links page will only be used to publish special new websites we discover and recommend for our viewers, and those who employed us during our career in aerospace.


Several of our team members  previous Aerospace employers & where some became  employed or returned when the Apollo program ended:

The  Institute for Learning in Retirement - ( ILR ) University of North Alabama  (UNA)

SPACEX   ( honorable mention only. Not a past training team member employer)

  Landing and Recovery Division

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