The Apollo Soyuz Program

In mid-July of 1975, a joint flight of the US & USSR was conducted to link-up in space (Earth orbit) and conduct experiments, share meals and conduct a joint news conference.

The Apollo (ASTP) spacecraft was manned by Astronauts Tom Stafford, Vance Brand, and Donald Slayton. Cosmonauts' Leonov and Kubasov manned the Soyuz 19 (ASTP) spacecraft.                                        (Crewmen photo above)


Several months prior to the Apollo/Soyuz mission, Astronauts were visiting the Soviet Union in preparation for this mission. Engineering and operational information was exchanged as related to joint mission activities. Also, a group of Cosmonauts and engineering support personnel from the Soviet Union visited the Manned Space Center at Houston in preparation for the mission. (artist conception of spacecraft docking)

The Customer Training Group of Rockwell International supported this effort to provide Apollo spacecraft systems briefings for the visiting Russians, under the direction of Astronaut General Stafford. Training counterparts from the USSR were present to observe. Interpreters were present to provide both English and Russian translation as required.

It was a good experience and a good information exchange as well. The Apollo/Soyuz mission was a success, and instructional personnel share in that success.

Below is a photograph of the Russian Team and several of the Rockwell training personnel participating in the program.


1st Row (L to R)

Cosmonauts Dzhanibkkov & Filipchenko, H. McNeese, RI Training Supervisor, Cosmonauts Leonov & Kubasov.

2nd Row

RI Instructor Green, Cosmonauts Andreev, Ivanchenkov, Rukavishnikov, and Messrs Yermin & Samofal, Cosmonaut Instructors.

3rd Row

Interpreter- Name Unk, Mr. Voronin, Cosmonaut Instructor, Cosmonaut Romanekko, Mr. Vaskevich, Cosmonaut Instructor, Mr. Sementovsky, RI Interpreter, General Shatalov, Chief of the Cosmonauts.

4th Row

Rockwell International  Instructor/ engineers: 

Leonard P. Urbaniak ,  CSM Electrical Power Systems

Rual E. Jones,  Experiments, Docking & Crew System

John L. Winton,  Spacecraft Guidance & Navigation Sub-systems

William "Bill" Green, Propulsion System (pictured second row)