Astronaut Warden Presents Award to Instructor Steinbeck

Astronaut Al Warden presents award to Instructor John Winton

Astronaut Collins presents award to  instructor Gilland 

Apollo-Soyuz Commerative cigaretts

presented by Russian Cosmonaut to John Winton

Motivational letter from Astronauts

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"Snoopy" Astronaut personal achievement award pin

 Astronaur Borman presents awards to Instructors Bennet and Sohler

1000 hour instruction plaque presented to  John Winton and Freeman Matthews by Astronauts, General Tom Stafford, John Young, and Gordon Cooper

just a few of many....

note: Most Astronaut presentations above are the silver "snoopy" lapel pin. It is the most prestigious award, always presented by an Astronaut. The actual pin is pictured on the red velvet square at the top of this page,

Astronaut Dick Gordon presents award to Instructor Bennet

The team wishes to express  sincere thanks and appreciation to the AP and those home town newspapers giving recognition to members of our staff during anniversary celebrations of placing man on the moon.

Astronaut Wally Schirra presents award to Instructor Will Waddell