Prior to joining North American Aviation, Al was employed by Hughes Aircraft Company where he was served as a Laboratory Instructor and Technician on the Fire Control System in the F-106 Fighter/Interceptor. After joining North American in 1962, he provided instruction on welding, electronics, and flight control for the XB-70 bomber. In 1962 he joined Nortronics briefly to instruct on the Skybolt air to ground missile. The subjects included guidance & control, and the startracker.

Al returned to North American Aviation's Space & Information Systems Division in 1962, where he was assigned to prepare and present training on the Apollo Guidance, Navigation and Control System to the NASA Astronauts, Flight Controllers & engineering personnel.      

He also presented this training via multi-media to company and support contractor personnel. Also, Al served to develop and present Apollo program presentations to the Edwards AFB Test Pilot School. Al transferred to GN&C System Engineering as the training program for Apollo came to a close.

Al has retired and is living in the San Bernardino Mountains of Southern California

Instructor AL Sohler

Guidance & Navigation System

Astronaut Borman Presents  Awards

    to AL  & Don Bennet


          Apollo program commendations & awards:

 Letters from Astronauts Jack Swiegart, Richard Gordon, Jr., and Don Arabian, the Chief of the Test Division at the NASA.

Letters from Dale Meyers, Vice President of North American Rockwell, and Ed Smith, Chief Program Engineer.

Apollo Achievement Award from the NASA

Astronaut Personal Achievement Award with a Snoopy Pin from Astronaut Dick Truly.

Outstanding Performance award for presenting 1000 hours of classroom instruction on the Apollo. The award was presented by Astronaut Frank Borman.

A Group Achievement award for the Skylab Realtime Planning Team, presented by the NASA