Instructor Bill Greene

Propulsion Systems

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Bill provided technical support to the Public Relations Department for ABC and CBS Television coverage of the Apollo 11 and Apollo 13 missions. He continued to provide media support for the Public Relations Department on many subsequent Apollo and Sky Lab missions. He also prepared Mission Specific Information Handbooks for the Public Relations Department. These Handbooks were used at news media centers at NASA -Houston and Kennedy Space Center in Florida.

Bill has retired in Southern California.

        Apollo program awards & commendations :

An Outstanding Performance Award presented by Astronaut Walter Schirra for having presented 1000 hours of classroom instruction.

  Astronaut Personal Achievement awards, the "Snoopy" pin, presented by a NASA Representative, and by Astronaut Al Worden.

  A Sustained Superior Performance Award presented by company Vice President N.J. Ryker.

  Letters of commendation from Astronauts Frank Borman, Richard Gordon Jr., James Lovell, Alan Shepard Jr., and Donald Slayton.

  Letters of commendation from Space Division executives for his public relations activity as well as one from John Chancellor, NBC News, for his services during the Apollo 17 mission.

Prior to joining North American Rockwell, William (Bill) Green served in the United States Air Force and was a civilian instructor for the USAF. Bill taught subjects, including Ballistic Missile Systems and Safety Systems to Officers and civilian personnel. He received an Outstanding Performance Award from the USAF Civil Service Commission.

Bill was also an Instructor for the Martin Company at Vandenberg AFB, California. At Vandenberg, he performed engineering site activation tasks, and taught Safety & Damage Control subjects for the Titan I & II Ballistic Missile Systems, for SAC Combat Crews from across the United States. He also instructed on the hydraulic systems of the Titan Missiles.

Bill joined North American (Rockwell) in 1960 as a Customer Training Specialist and was assigned to present classroom training for the Propulsion Systems of the Apollo Command and Service Modules. The student population included NASA Astronauts, Flight Controllers and engineers, as well as company personnel at various sites. 

This task included the development & maintenance of training materials and other data for operations handbooks. Bill prepared and presented training programs using bi-lingual aids, to support the Apollo/Soyuz Cosmonaut briefing program for the USSR.