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 The Apollo Training Team had been down sized at this phase in the Program and several of the Instructor Engineers were no longer available to continue the level of depth provided during previous programs of Apollo.

Only key personnel had been retained to meet any phase out requirements for final NASA briefing needs. While these instructors had a multi system training capability, they lacked the depth of knowledge and preparation time to entertain all system design questions of a "nice to Know" nature beyond operational objectives. They were, however, well prepared to discuss these objectives, contingency moding, and in-space levels of fault isolation


Overall, our team was successful & maintained a good raport usually with the Astronauts and were honored to work with them in the classroom. In many cases it turned out to be an exchange of information


 Not many of the team members have survived to this late date, but on behalf of the families of those deceased, and the few of us who remain, we are honored that you visited our site in rememberance of all who took great pride in being a small part of this historical event. Thanks from the entire team!!

           Plans are being made for this site to be maintained by family survivors